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IEP Binder

Have you ever wondered how you are going to organize your child’s educational records? If you have not, it is time to consider making an IEP Binder. With this IEP Binder, you will stay organized and prepared for the IEP process.

Organizing your child’s educational records is the first step in effective advocacy! That is why creating an IEP Binder is essential as a special needs parent. This IEP Binder will help you stay organized and point you in the right direction as you travel down the IEP process.

In Organizing Your IEP Binder, you have cover pages for the front of the binder and 12 sections:

  • IEP BINDER (cover page for binder)
  • Parental Rights/Procedural Safeguards
  • Current IEP/Meeting Notes
  • Previous IEPs/Meeting Notes
  • Progress Reports, Report Cards and Standardized Tests
  • School and Private Evaluations
  • Eligibility Reports, Consent to Evaluate and Consent for Placement
  • Medical Records and Information
  • Behavior, FBAs and BIPs and Disciplinary Actions
  • Parent/Teacher Communication
  • Sample Work and Class Tests
  • Questions and Concerns
  • Notes

Also included in Organizing Your IEP Binder:

  • IEP Meeting Checklist
  • Upcoming Important Dates
  • Contact Log
  • IEP Team Member Contact List
  • Evaluations Chart
  • Evaluations Checklist
  • Bell Curve
  • Understanding SMART Goals
  • Calendar
  • Terms to Know
  • Extra Pages

$4.99 – Download Now

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