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Parent Rights
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Your Rights and Extended School Year (ESY)

ESY is not summer school...

With the summer fast approaching, many special needs parents have started to think about what will their child will do this summer? For some students with disabilities, they will be attending ESY or Extended School Year. Since this is an important part of your child’s IEP, you should know about your rights related to Extended School […]

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Important Rights That Parents Miss

You will definitely want to read this post!

I have found that there are many important special education rights that parents miss, either because they do not know about their rights or they may be timid in exercising their rights as a parent. Children with special needs have often been misplaced in an educational setting, not given the proper services and/or do not have the […]

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Dispute Resolution Options: Mediation vs. Due Process

A must read if you are thinking about filing a complaint.

As more and more children qualify for special education services, there also seems to be more disagreements between parents and school officials. Since there is a potential for disputes, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has already outlined several dispute resolution options to help parents and school districts resolve their differences. While it is […]

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