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Understanding IEP Goals and Objectives

It's more to it than you think...

There is a huge focus on understanding IEP goals and objectives. And there should be. Why? Because IEP goals and objectives are the most important part of the IEP. These are the specific skills that your child will learn throughout the school year. A lot of parents just want to get to the end of […]

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6 Questions You Should Know The Answer To

As a special needs parent!

For a special needs parent, entering the special education process can be quite complex. However, some parents jump right into the middle of it without researching information. If your child is newly diagnosed or has just received a special education eligibility, then you first want to make sure you get and understand foundational information before you […]

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What Are Special Needs Parents Doing This Summer?

What are your summer plans?

With summer knocking on our doors, many school districts are breaking for their summer vacation. This time can be challenging for some children who have difficulty with transitioning or could be a much needed break for children and their families. During the summer, many families continue some type of therapy or service to keep their […]

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Transition to Summer for Special Needs Children 

Transitions can be a difficult... 

Summer is creeping up on us! And for some special needs children, summer break is already here! Summer is usually a joyous time for children, but a transition to summer for special needs children can be quite challenging for them and their parents. Even if your child will be attending Extended School Year (ESY), there will […]

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How to End the School Year on a Good Note

Follow these simple steps...

Can you believe the school year is almost over? Depending on where you live, your child may only have a month or two left of school. And just as it is important that children finish the year out strong, it is always important that special needs parents end the school year on a good note. […]

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Are Your Parental Concerns Noted in Your Child's IEP?

I hope so!

Are your concerns noted in your child’s IEP? They should be because parental concerns are the centerpiece of your child’s IEP. Unfortunately, many parents either do not bring a prewritten statement to be included in the IEP or do not include any questions, concerns, or necessary information when asked about their input during the IEP […]

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My Child is Eligible for Special Education Services

Now what?

Your child has been evaluated and after your eligibility meeting, your child now has a special education eligibility. What happens next?  This is a question for many parents after they have learned that their child has met criteria for a special education eligibility. It does not matter what category your child falls under (there are […]

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IEP Essentials That Every Parent Should Know

Never go into an IEP meeting not knowing these things.

An Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is the most important document that your child will have in their school career. This is why parents of special needs children need to have a full understanding on what an IEP is, how it is developed, what happens after it is implemented and how this IEP will continue to […]

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Is Your Child's IEP Out of Compliance?

If you are not aware of what's in your child's IEP, you will not know what is not happening.

Getting through an IEP meeting can be such a relief. You finally feel that you have a plan for your child and your child will now receive the services that they need. However, participating in the development or update in your child’s IEP is only the first part. The second part is making sure that […]

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Organizing Your IEP Files

The only IEP Binder that you will need.

Have you ever wondered how you are going to organize your child’s educational records? If you have not, it is time to consider making an IEP Binder. With this IEP Binder, you will stay organized and prepared for the IEP process. Organizing your child’s educational records is the first step in effective advocacy! That is […]

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