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How Can I Stop My Child From Eloping?

This is a major concern for some parents...

Have you ever heard of a special needs child running away or ‘escaping’ from school or home? If you have not, it is a common problem that many special needs parents are coping with. This problem is called elopement. What is elopement? Elopement is when someone leaves an area, without notification, that could potentially put […]

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Transition to Summer for Special Needs Children 

Transitions can be a difficult... 

Summer is creeping up on us! And for some special needs children, summer break is already here! Summer is usually a joyous time for children, but a transition to summer for special needs children can be quite challenging for them and their parents. Even if your child will be attending Extended School Year (ESY), there will […]

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Managing Challenging Behaviors

What are the common reasons of behavior?

Parenting can be taxing, but especially when you are parenting a child with special needs. And there may come a time when managing challenging behaviors will come into play. These times can often be stressful and difficult, leaving you feeling beat down, overwhelmed and frustrated. Even when you feel loss and do not know where […]

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