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Building an Effective Sensory Room 

With options for every budget.

Have you ever thought about building your own sensory room? Many parents have. Sensory rooms can be very beneficial to children with sensory processing disorders, children on the spectrum and/or children with anxiety and attention/hyperactivity issues. When deciding on a space for your sensory room, keep an open mind. You can utilize whatever space you […]

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Preventing Meltdowns

Yes, you can prevent meltdowns...most of the time.

Preventing meltdowns? Is that possible? Yes it is! If your child has ever experienced a meltdown, then you know how challenging it can be to calm them down. That is why it is best to avoid meltdowns as much as possible and implement strategies that you can utilize in your home and on the go. […]

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Getting Children with Autism to Communicate

Visual supports help to encourage positive behavior interactions with children with autism.

There are many reasons to use visual supports for children with autism. Visual supports are pictures or other visual cues that help children who have difficulty communicating. Visual supports can be picture cards, objects, photographs or even words. Visual supports are used with children with autism as well as children with other disabilities. For this […]

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