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Nicole Bovell
Nicole Bovell
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Understanding RTI for Parents

Early intervention is key when preventing your child from falling further behind.

There are many possible reasons why students struggle with the demands of school and begin to fall behind their peers in academics or show behavior problems. In an effort to accommodate the learning needs of those students who experience school difficulties schools across the nation are implementing an approach called Response to Intervention or RTI. RTI is […]

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Organizing Your IEP Files

The only IEP Binder that you will need.

Have you ever wondered how you are going to organize your child’s educational records? If you have not, it is time to consider making an IEP Binder. With this IEP Binder, you will stay organized and prepared for the IEP process. Organizing your child’s educational records is the first step in effective advocacy! That is […]

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Dispute Resolution Options: Mediation vs. Due Process

A must read if you are thinking about filing a complaint.

As more and more children qualify for special education services, there also seems to be more disagreements between parents and school officials. Since there is a potential for disputes, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has already outlined several dispute resolution options to help parents and school districts resolve their differences. While it is […]

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Master Your Next Parent-Teacher Conference

A follow-up to Talking To Your Child's Teacher

Parent-teacher conferences are important for your child’s school success. Yet, a lot of parents avoid them, do not like going to them, or do not know what to say to their child’s teacher. But, after reading Talking To Your Child’s Teacher, I know you are now more comfortable with parent-teacher interactions. However, sometimes we need a little […]

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Bullying and Your Child's IEP 

It happens more than you think.

Unfortunately, bullying is a common practice today. More and more children are being bullied and for bullies it does not matter who their targets are. If your child has special needs, you want to give them the appropriate tools and support system to equip them with social skills to help them in the time of […]

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Talking to Your Child's TEACHER

What parents dread...

Do you dread talking to your child’s teacher?Many parents do. Some may feel intimidated, reluctant and/or wonder why they need to communicate with their child’s teacher in the first place. You may think… As long as I do not get a bad report then my child is doing well, right?   Well, that is not always […]

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Choosing the Right Advocate

This can be a difficult decision for many parents.

Choosing the right special education advocate can be critical for your child’s success. You want to find a person who is very knowledgeable of the special education process, but ultimately one who understands the unique needs of your child. When seeking a special education advocate, it important that you ask the right questions for your child’s […]

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Top 10 FAQs About Special Education

I am sure some will have a different list, but this is what I have been asked the most.

There are so many questions parents have about special education. However, in my experience, these are the top 10 FAQs about special education that I have been asked by parents. 1. What is the difference between a 504 plan and an IEP? A 504 plan is an educational plan that is written for a student […]

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HELP! My Child's IEP is Not Being Followed

Unfortunately, this can be a common thing...

So, the IEP meeting is finally over (whew) and all the services have been set for your child. But, after some time has passed (maybe even only a week), you find out your child’s IEP is not being followed. What do you do? First, know that…once your child’s IEP is developed, the school district must provide […]

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Your IEP Questions Answered!

Looking to gain insight into your most burning IEP questions?

IEP meetings are a necessity in the special education process. Because of this, IEP meetings can cause many parents anxiety, worry, and fear. A lot of times, it is the fear of the unknown, but you do not have to let these negative emotions get the best of you. If this is you, the most […]

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