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Nicole Bovell
Nicole Bovell
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Understanding IEP Goals and Objectives

It's more to it than you think...

There is a huge focus on understanding IEP goals and objectives. And there should be. Why? Because IEP goals and objectives are the most important part of the IEP. These are the specific skills that your child will learn throughout the school year. A lot of parents just want to get to the end of […]

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How Can I Stop My Child From Eloping?

This is a major concern for some parents...

Have you ever heard of a special needs child running away or ‘escaping’ from school or home? If you have not, it is a common problem that many special needs parents are coping with. This problem is called elopement. What is elopement? Elopement is when someone leaves an area, without notification, that could potentially put […]

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Tips to Help Your Child With School Success

Simple, yet effective...

Back to school is around the corner for some school districts. I have been asked by several parents “how can I help my special needs child with school success?” While the question may seem simple, the answer is a little more in depth. Check out these tips to make sure your child is successful no […]

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6 Questions You Should Know The Answer To

As a special needs parent!

For a special needs parent, entering the special education process can be quite complex. However, some parents jump right into the middle of it without researching information. If your child is newly diagnosed or has just received a special education eligibility, then you first want to make sure you get and understand foundational information before you […]

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What Are Special Needs Parents Doing This Summer?

What are your summer plans?

With summer knocking on our doors, many school districts are breaking for their summer vacation. This time can be challenging for some children who have difficulty with transitioning or could be a much needed break for children and their families. During the summer, many families continue some type of therapy or service to keep their […]

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Transition to Summer for Special Needs Children 

Transitions can be a difficult... 

Summer is creeping up on us! And for some special needs children, summer break is already here! Summer is usually a joyous time for children, but a transition to summer for special needs children can be quite challenging for them and their parents. Even if your child will be attending Extended School Year (ESY), there will […]

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Selecting a Summer Camp for Your Special Needs Child

Why the right one matters ...

Selecting a summer camp for your special needs can be quite overwhelming. From the different types of camps to the prices to whether your child will get the right the experience, you want to take the time to select the right camp. With summer right around the corner, now is the time to start searching. Since […]

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Your Rights and Extended School Year (ESY)

ESY is not summer school...

With the summer fast approaching, many special needs parents have started to think about what will their child will do this summer? For some students with disabilities, they will be attending ESY or Extended School Year. Since this is an important part of your child’s IEP, you should know about your rights related to Extended School […]

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Common Questions About Special Education

More questions answered to point you into the right direction

Parents tend to ask the same questions about special education, since learning about this complex system can be quite challenging. After writing the Top 10 FAQs About Special Education, I have been asked so many more questions. This post is a summary of the special education questions that I have been asked the most. Hopefully, your question has […]

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How to End the School Year on a Good Note

Follow these simple steps...

Can you believe the school year is almost over? Depending on where you live, your child may only have a month or two left of school. And just as it is important that children finish the year out strong, it is always important that special needs parents end the school year on a good note. […]

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