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Why Beyond Special Education?

Beyond Special Education was started to help struggling parents understand the complexities of special education. Nicole brings her experience as a former special education teacher and counselor to help parents understand how to interact in IEP meetings, how to advocate for their child and what they should know about their parental rights.

If you are a special needs parents who is overwhelmed by the special education process, you need an advocate. Parents need to know what is within their rights and how to find research-based instructional strategies that work. It can be challenging for parents to maneuver the IEP process and all of the different responsibilities that come with being a parent of a special needs child. For this reason alone, you need help.

Who is Nicole Bovell?

I am a former special education turned author, advocate, blogger and writer helping parents navigate their way through the special education system. Many parents are often lost and do not know where to begin. This blog focuses on advocacy, news and educational resources to help parents increase their child’s success in the school system.


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