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Preventing Meltdowns
Yes, you can prevent meltdowns...most of the time.
By Nicole Bovell Posted in Autism 0 Comments 2 min read
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Preventing meltdowns?

Is that possible?

Yes it is!

If your child has ever experienced a meltdown, then you know how challenging it can be to calm them down. That is why it is best to avoid meltdowns as much as possible and implement strategies that you can utilize in your home and on the go. If you are in dire need of some tips, here a few strategies…

1. Provide a sensory break.

When transitioning from activity to activity, take a movement break on a swing or trampoline or provide a sensory box.

2. Give a warning when an activity is about to end.

Provide a visual timer or verbal warning to let your child know ahead of time to prevent any miscommunication.

3. Provide a transitional object.

Let the child carry an object or toy as they transition from activity to activity.

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4. Always be prepared.

Know your child’s triggers and make sure you are prepared if one of those triggers are pulled.

5. Give your child a signal when an activity is over.

Whether you are using a song or a hand clap, have a way for your child to know it is time to clean up or change an activity.

6. Limit wait time.

Try to keep any wait time to a minimum. The longer children wait, the more frustrated and anxious they become.

7. Always use social stories for new activities and adventures.

Social stories are a great way to prepare your child for any new activities.

8. Stay calm.

Remember the more anxious and frustrated you become, the more anxious and frustrated your child will be become.

Utilize these tips to prevent meltdowns at home or in the community.

Preventing Meltdowns

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